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We strive to provide you with the very best in Australian Poodle news; very soon we will have all Australian Poodle Specialty and Royal Show results for all varieties of Poodles including the activities of Toy Poodles, Miniature Poodles and Standard Poodles in Agility, Conformation, Endurance, Jumping, Obedience and Tracking.

We have online the definitive guide to Poodles in the booklet The Poodle : An Illustrated Breed Standard. Link at the top of this page.

Numerous health tips together with links to hundreds of Poodle websites, both poodle breeders and commercial websites, around the world.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please email us. Please feel free to contribute to Poodles In Australia; email us at any time with your show results or any news about Poodles that you think will interest others!

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The Toy Poodle Society of Victoria

BEST IN SHOW Ch. Chezjolie Hot Chilli Pepa Judge: Mr G Missen (Westpriors Poodles) November 2015

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Australian Poodle National

Specialty and All Breeds Poodle Show Results

Creative Dog Styling Contest

BarkleighTV's Creative Styling Contest is featured on Animal Planet's Most Outrageous Contests
Extreme Coloured Dogs

Previously featured videos are archived here

David Klein TheDogMan

Looking for the answer to a problem? It is very likely it will be answered by David Klein on his website.

David has been working with dogs for over 65 years. starting his canine career in Israel, serving with the K9 Police for 5 years.

David Klein TheDogManHe has been involved in all forms of dog training, including air-sea rescue, air scent work, along with drug and explosives detection.
Before retiring, David ran schools in Spain for 24 years specialising in free socialisation which he pioneered.
David has devoted over 30 years to studying behaviour and the passive approach to dog training.

David has his own Radio Show on Talk Radio Europe, now in its 21st year, inviting consultant behaviourists, trainers
and many interesting people in the animal world. He has appeared on many television shows in the UK and USA
and writes for many weekly newspapers and magazines.

We have collected links to his articles here

You can visit David's website and listen to his radio show online here

International Poodle Shows

Poodle Pedigree Database

Canine Inherited Disorders Databases Poodle Health Registry


We are planning to have the Australian Poodle Database online in the coming weeks.

The Standard Poodle Database below is database of over 200,00 Standard Poodles from around the world. Although the majority are North American dogs, there is good representation of English, Scandinavian, and Australian Poodles as well as some Swiss, German, Dutch, and Japanese dogs, along with other western and eastern European dogs.

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